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Indie films need your help

With most big movie studios focusing on adaptations, reboots, remakes, and endless sequels, it's getting harder and harder to find funding for truly unique movie projects that seek to enlighten and entertain ... without preaching or pandering.

The new normal means independent filmmakers must practically be their own movie studio if they hope to see their vision come to fruition.

The result? All aspects—from script development to marketing and distribution, and even the dreaded fundraising—are left up to small groups of determined creatives. 

That's why supporting independent films is more important than ever.

With so many valid causes urging people's support, we truly appreciate each and every dollar our patrons donate. Please consider sponsoring The Truffaut Affair and we look forward to seeing you at the premiere!

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Some of the biggest hits began as low budget and microbudget movies ...

Reservoir Dogs ◉ The Lives of Others 

This Is England ◉ The Raid

Amores Perros ◉ A Separation

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Secret in Their Eyes ◉ Four Lions
Son of Saul ◉ Primer ◉ Brick
The Celebration ◉ It Follows ◉ Once
Run Lola Run ◉ Pi ◉ Clerks ◉ Blue Valentine
Ida ◉ Locke ◉ Kung Fury ◉ Dope ◉ Cube
Kids ◉ Swingers ◉ The Babadook ◉ El Mariachi
Beasts of the Southern Wild ◉ [rec]

Little Miss Sunshine ◉ The Blair Witch Project
Super Size Me ◉ Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Eraserhead ◉ Lost In Translation ◉ City Of God 
Mad Max ◉ Whiplash ◉ Rocky ◉ Moonlight
The Rocky Horror Picture Show ◉ Get Out

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