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The Truffaut Affair script advances in Flickers' Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival


Funny, romantic, noir adventure The Truffaut Affair has advanced through the semifinals round at the 2023 Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) screenplay competition.

And, according to The Truffaut Affair Director Matthew Ben Miller, this bit of good news came at an interesting time.

“To think when we submitted this to the competition, we still had no locations picked out, no actors, and no funding in place—just a great script and the deep desire to see our movie get made,” Miller said. “So, it’s a real treat knowing, as we begin filming this Friday, that readers from a festival as well-respected as the RIIFF think our story has some merit as well.”

Now in its 27th year, RIIFF, “[C]elebrates the independent spirit in film and has become a haven for independent filmmakers from throughout the world,” festival organizers stated. “In 2022, the festival presented 383 films representing works that were shot and produced in 106 countries. There were 92 World Premieres and US/North American Premieres.”

This year’s RIIFF offers in-person and online film screenings, networking, workshops, and other events from Aug. 7-13.

You can find a schedule of events at

“Though I can’t be there in person, I’ll be attending as many of RIIFF’s online events and watching as many of their screenings as possible,” said The Truffaut Affair screenwriter Benjamin J. Gohs.

“Not only is RIIFF the biggest of its kind in New England, in its nearly 30 years, they’ve had like 84 films nominated for Academy Awards—not to mention 14 Oscar wins. And it’s among the top 10 short film festivals in America.”

He added, “So, yeah, I’m excited to have our project be even a small part of the festival.”

In Filmmaker Chris Gore’s, The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, he called RIIFF, "One of the Best International Film Festivals and top 10 Short Film Festivals in the United States."

According to festival organizers, “Over the past two decades … (RIIFF) has screened 6,139 independent films and videos out of 81,805 entries, presented 1,497 World/North American premieres, featured over 1,245 entries that were locally produced, and hosted 4,318 filmmakers and crew.”

RIIFF screenplay competition finalists are expected to be named around Oct. 9, with award-winners chosen at a later date.

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