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The Truffaut Affair film production holds first round of auditions

A behind-the-scenes look!

PICTURED ABOVE: Actor Jordan Destin (top left) arrives for his audition with The Truffaut Affair Producer Trevor Breithaupt. Director Matthew Ben Miller and Breithaupt take a selfie before the start of auditions (lower left) and Breithaupt takes a break (lower right) amid the five-hour audition session held recently at Thymele Arts in Los Angeles.

The first round of auditions was held recently for the noir romcom thriller The Truffaut Affair, set In Los Angeles, Directed by Matthew Ben Miller, and produced by Lance B. Witmer and Trevor Breithaupt.

Nearly 40 actors and actresses read for over a dozen parts.

“Every character was auditioned for,” said Miller. “It was five hours that went by extremely quickly.”

Miller said it was a rewarding experience with plenty of fun moments and some nice surprises.

“We had an American actor read for the Dr. Alain character, a French role, and the American actor nailed it,” Miller said. “It was a great audition, and we were not expecting it. In another case, we had a man come in to read for a supporting role, but it turns out he’s my favorite for one of our major parts—he nailed the cold-read.”

Miller said the production has a solid leading lady and he hopes to do some chemistry reads in the coming week.

“It was a treat to watch so many talented actors read for the wide array of characters The Truffaut Affair has to offer,” he said. “What was especially touching were the number of comments we had from the actors complimenting the sides (script sample pages) and asking to see more of the script.”

He added, “The film seems to have aroused a great deal of interest from the potential players.”

What you don’t see in movie and TV portrayals of auditions is just how mentally tiring it is for everyone involved—actors, producers, and directors.

“Every seven minutes, a new actor walks through the door bringing their own version of the scene, and it’s up to us to analyze and provide acting notes to help tune the performance to better fit the film,” he said. “After three or four hours, your brain is mush.”

But, Miller added, “Actors really do come in all shapes, sizes, and philosophies. And we enjoyed meeting actors from all walks of life, each with a different story on how they got there.”

One of the hardest parts of the process, Miller said, is watching a great audition but not being able to find the right role for the actor in the film.

While most of the main cast has strong potential candidates, there are several supporting roles and a couple major roles left to fill.

See The Truffaut Affair casting call for more information here:

The production’s callback is tentatively set for the next couple of weeks, and will likely consist of nearly 15 actors. This would be the final round of callbacks.

For more information on The Truffaut Affair, go to or email

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