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'The Truffaut Affair' author named a Circus Road Films 2023 Finalist

Updated: Apr 11

The Truffaut Affair's screenwriter Benjamin J. Gohs, has ranked in the Circus Roads Films (CRF) 2023 Screenplay competition with three of his scripts.

Circus Road Films' work includes the movies Clean, Bernard and Huey, It's A Disaster, I Am Thor, Tinker, and many more.

Their films have featured Hollywood stars including Adrienne Brody, David Koechner, David Cross, America Ferrera, Bruce Campbell, Julia Styles, Helena Bonham Carter, Aaron Eckhart, Matthew Lillard, Keegan-Michael Key, Zooey Deschanel, Adam Scott, Adam Beach, Bradley Cooper, Tantoo Cardinal, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis.

"I've been wanting to work with Circus Road for years, so I figured why not send them my top three scripts?" Gohs said. "Of course I'd rather have won, but that two of my screenplays were finalists and one was an honorable mention means somebody over there digs my stuff. And that's pretty dang cool."

Caitlin Tate was this year's CRF Grand Prize Winner with the entry In Dust We Trust.

Ben's favorite Circus Road Films include Tinker, Bernard & Huey, Grace, and It's A Disaster. For more information on CRF, go to:

Honorable Mention Winners

  • A Very Marinucci Christmas by Kendra Spatacco, Frank Spatacco


  • FRENZ by Benjamin J. Gohs

  • Ladykiller by Brian W Smith

  • The Family Secret by Alix Lindbergh

Circus Road Finalists

  • Call Me Thor by Jamie Campbell

  • Cathedrals on the Warm Surface by Colin Dodds

  • Do Unto Others by Joseph Michael Leone

  • Duello by Phil O’Dell

  • Family Records by Benjamin J. Gohs

  • Getting Metaphysical by David Hunter Fein

  • Guffy by Will Berry

  • I Hate You Moore by Benjamin J. Gohs

  • Love in the Time of Coronavirus by (unspecified)

  • Maeta’s Story by Charles DeRykus

  • Next Rest Area by Chicago Thomas

  • Strife by George Hellas

  • The Last Skywriter in the Universe by Steven Keith Bogart

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