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Sling Blade actor Scott Stewart joins The Truffaut Affair movie cast

Meet one of The Truffaut Affair’s sinister villains, played by longtime actor Scott Stewart, who has worked in front of—and behind—the camera for popular TV shows like Designing Women and hit movies including Sling Blade.

Stewart said he was drawn to The Truffaut Affair because he enjoys playing bad guys and dark characters.

“I like to try and show their depth, if possible, and it's just fun to be someone or something that's the complete opposite of myself,” he said. “There's something quite cathartic about that.”

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, and now living in the greater Los Angeles area, Stewart attended school in Southern California and received his start in the business from the creators of Hearts Afire (1992).

He initially worked in various production capacities, but always knew his real desire was to be on the other side of the camera. While working on the series, he met and worked with fellow Arkansan Billy Bob Thornton, who offered him his first film role—playing Bubba Wooldridge—in Sling Blade (1996).

In 2003, while living and working in Colorado, Stewart said he began taking his acting more seriously, and started auditioning for short films and independent features.

This began a long process of studying his craft, developing an on-camera persona, "finding what works and doesn't work," and networking with other creatives in the Colorado film scene.

By 2018, Stewart said he knew he needed to move back to California to pursue new opportunities, and relocated back to the Los Angeles area, where he continues his craft.

One of Stewart’s favorite pastimes is, you guessed it, watching movies!

“I'm an avid horror film fan, especially the old Universal classics,” he said. “Every Saturday night, you can find me with a bowl of popcorn, watching a horror flick by candlelight.”

Some of Stewart’s most recent projects include working at The Recording Academy (Grammys) in Santa Monica, and at Horizon Media in Century City.

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PICTURED ABOVE: Scott Stewart in costume as a background regular in The Rookie Season 2.

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