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Meet The Truffaut Affair's top spy Camus, played by Nadeem Srouji

Updated: May 29

Meet the mysterious Camus, played by Nadeem Srouji.

Part philosopher-spy, part vague mentor—and all terribly nonchalant—Camus is The Truffaut Affair’s resident answer man.

Like his onscreen persona, Srouji is multilingual—fluent in French, Arabic, and Spanish—is an athlete, and has traveled the world like a true international renaissance man.

Srouji, who said he had always wanted to be an actor, began his formal acting training in 2008.

“I started at Playhouse West (Meisner school) and continued taking several classes,” he said. “I am currently with The Braden Lynch Studio, and The Groundlings for Improv and Comedy.”

Srouji added, “When I moved to L.A., I started taking classes and auditioning for student films, found out I have a talent for it, and absolutely love it.”

In addition to acting, Srouji enjoys physical fitness and travel.

“[I] travelled to, and spent one-to-six months in, almost 30 countries,” he said. “I enjoy running marathons, and I did one Ironman triathlon.”

Now based in Los Angeles, Srouji was born in Jerusalem and raised in Jordan.

“I used to live in France,” he said. “I love the French culture, music, and especially their movies … and this (The Truffaut Affair) is an homage to French film noir, so what's not to like!”

Srouji's many television credits include a recurring guest-starring role on Netflix's Caliphate, as well as co-starring on Sky TV/HBO's hit actioner Strike Back.

Among his numerous feature film appearances, Srouji has appeared in Netflix's Sergio, as well as Sand Castle, The Professor, and A Private War.

Find more about Nadeem Srouji's past projects on his IMDb.

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