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Meet The Truffaut Affair’s sinister Lafayette, played by Vincent Taylor

COURTESY IMDB—A native of San Diego, California, Vincent's heritage is English, Native American (Yaqui, Kumeyaay), French, and Mexican.

He spent summers in Ensenada and Mexico City with his father's side of the family, but lived primarily with his mother's side in San Ysidro who encouraged him to pursue art.

His uncle is the late Benjamin Serrano Banuet, "The Mexican Picasso."

Vincent grew up immersed in baseball, playing 3rd base, and pitching until graduating high school. From the age of 12, he trained in TaeKwonDo and LimaLama, eventually reaching the levels of red belt and brown belt.

Knowing he excelled in tournament play, Vincent decided to take up boxing and won all 16 of his amateur, non-sanctioned bouts in Tijuana, Mexico.

Inspired by Bruce Lee to always train and improve, Vincent began training as a ballet dancer under Kathryn Irey at Stage 7 School of Dance, where he went on to perform with San Diego Ballet, City Ballet of San Diego, and later, Pasadena Dance Theater.

In 2014, Vincent realized his background in high performance was the perfect preparation for a career in acting, and he decided to leave Stage 7 and San Diego State University's film program in order to move to Los Angeles.

Follow Vincent Taylor on Instagram @vincenttaylor007.

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