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Meet The Truffaut Affair’s mischievous Trixie, played by Vanessa Nottingham

Updated: Jun 6

She sings, she dances ... she kicks bad-guy butt!

She’s actress Vanessa Nottingham, and she’ll be playing Trixie in the upcoming noir adventure film The Truffaut Affair.

Nottingham is a Brazilian-American actress, director, and singer based in Los Angeles, California.

Originally from South Florida, she grew up as a child actor in Miami.

Nottingham fell in love with acting after her parents placed her in a performing arts camp.

Having graduated from the University of Florida in 2021 with a BFA in Acting, Nottingham has been in the business for over fifteen years.

She is most notably known for the series Dhar Mann and Public Policy a Miniseries.

She can soon be seen as the leading role in the feature films The Lemonade Files and Seeking Justice.

Vanessa said she is, “thrilled to be playing the fun and eccentric Trixie!”

In addition to acting, she has also found a love for directing with her most recent films Designatedly Drunk and Hotties with a Body.

Follow Vanessa on Instagram @vanessanottingham

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