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Meet The Truffaut Affair’s Madeleine, played by actress Tillie Howard

Updated: Jun 6

Raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and suburban Maryland, actress Tillie Howard lived in five different countries in the first two years of her life.

“My parents spent their careers doing humanitarian aid and international development work all over the world, and my brother and I joined them for much of this time,” she said. “So, I don't truly feel I am ‘from’ anywhere, but I feel like a local in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle!”

Now based in West L.A., Howard earned her undergrad degree in Theatre in 2011, and during college shot a pilot presentation that was a finalist in the LA Independent Television Festival, as well as a book trailer—but she ultimately didn't truly enter the business until September 2022.

“I had a COVID epiphany and realized I had to pursue my deep and abiding passion for acting, so I left my job as a Director of College Counseling to jump wholeheartedly into Hollywood,” Howard said. “I found a terrific acting studio, got new head shots, and have booked numerous roles in short films, industrials, and features since I started auditioning in February 2023.”

She added, “I am energized, grateful, and never looking back.”

Howard said she was interested in The Truffaut Affair project because it, “captures so many of the things I love about film and storytelling: intrigue, hilarity, accents, singing, a period piece—the list goes on.”

She added, “I also felt that the filmmakers were deeply committed to making an original, experimental, and high-quality film, which made me even more eager to join the project.”

She recently wrapped filming two shorts and, she added, “I am a merciless Taboo player and a published editorial writer. But, most recently, my obsession with words landed me on Season 6 of ABC's $100,000 Pyramid hosted by Michael Strahan.”

You can follow Tillie Howard on Instagram: @tillie.not.tilly

From Howard’s IMDb bio:

Howard is a trained actor and classical ballet dancer known for her shrewd sense of humor, keen ear for dialects, and smooth-as-butter soprano singing voice.

She studies on-camera acting and improv at Zak Barnett Studios and completed the ZBS intensive Conservatory program last year.

As leading lady Olivia Bevelstoke, Tillie was the first to bring a Julia Quinn heroine (of Shondaland & Netflix’s BRIDGERTON fame) to life on screen, and was featured in the Huffington Post’s “WATCH: Five Great Book Videos” compilation.

Tillie starred as Sam Gavin in “Castle Academy,” a pilot nominated for Best Dramatic Program at the Independent Television Festival in Los Angeles (now the Catalyst Story Institute & Content Festival).

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