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Meet The Truffaut Affair Cast: Brünnhilde, played by Rosvita Rauch

Updated: May 29

Meet actress Rosvita Rauch, who will be playing the part of Brünnhilde the German Casting Director in the production of The Truffaut Affair.

“The description of the project as a film noir captivated my attention,” Rauch said. “Then the title, referring to the great French film director, François Truffaut, intrigued me as well. As a person with European heritage and American birthright, the idea that the film might encompass both worlds was of great appeal.”

She added, “When I read my pages, the clever humor convinced me and—having now read the entire script—it has lived up to my expectations.”

Now based in Santa Monica, California, Rosvita Rauch is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, where she was born to recent German immigrants.

“My two brothers and I grew up bilingual, and making gentle fun of our parents’ accent,” she said.

Rauch’s segue from academia and teaching into acting began with Meisner classes in London, just as the pandemic started in Europe in 2019.

“I returned to Los Angeles in 2020, where I did some voiceover training with Reed Rudy while also training as a Script Supervisor,” she said. “I am currently in an ongoing scene study class at the Howard Fine Acting Studio.”

Rauch added, “I have always been interested in drama and theater, and actually qualified at Cambridge University to teach it at the high school level. Life, then, took me in a different direction, and only recently has brought me back to acting.”

Her credits include several supporting roles in television and film, as well as voiceover work.

“One of the quirkiest jobs I’ve had to date was being the hand model for Helen Mirren on the promotional materials for Paramount Plus’s 1923,” Rauch said. “Good to know that learning cursive was useful after all! I also speak Spanish and I am learning Welsh.”

You can follow Rosvita Rauch on Instagram @RosvitaRauch and Facebook at and see her in the Random Acts of Kindness music video Free to Roam

She is represented by Rina Zaide at SoCal Talent.


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