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Hollywood Noir meets French New Wave

As so many crazy-cool projects are born, The Truffaut Affair began its story with a chance encounter of two very different personalities from two very different places.

Actor/Director Matthew B. Miller, of California, and Screenwriter Benjamin J. Gohs, of Michigan, were from opposite ends of the country and had an age gap of twenty-plus years.

But, ain't it just like the movies that these two kindred spirits met online on some random Tuesday in some random screenwriting group back in the winter of 2022, and discovered they had a mutual yearning to create the kind of quirky, romantic, comedic adventures sorely lacking in the age of super heroes and social meltdown.

So, after hammering out one very expensive French road trip sequel to a movie that hadn't yet been written, the two got to work on what viewers will—hopefully—find to be a quirky, cool, and hilarious noir romcom thriller with a decidedly French flair.

The Truffaut Affair is the date movie with heart and art.

So, if you enjoy movies like The Truman Show, The Maltese Falcon, The Man Who Knew Too Little ... and the works of Charlie Kaufman, then you just might want to stick around and see what happens when strange and sinister happenings begin ... happening all around Los Angeles this summer.

Until next time, au revoir!

PICTURED ABOVE: The Truffaut Affair director, producers, and friends hold the first table read of the completed screenplay.

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