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Actor Jordan Destin to play the 'Truffaut' in The Truffaut Affair

Meet The Truffaut Affair’s mysterious, eponymous, somewhat anonymous string-puller known only as . . . The Director.

Before Jordan Destin was tapped to play the role of a mysterious film director, inspired by real-life auteur François Truffaut, he most recently appeared in the films Foolproof and Wrong For Right.

“[In] Foolproof, directed by Sean Swaby … I play Chase, one of two brothers who will stop at nothing to guarantee their father's freedom—including robbing a bank in order to clear his debt,” Destin said.

“I was an executive producer on this film, and it was truly a project of passion for me—with an awesome team.”

In Wrong for Right, directed by Darien Smith, Destin plays a Kidnapper being assaulted by dirty cops to reveal what he knows about the trafficking of children.

“This role was physically demanding,” Destine said. “As a committed actor, I immerse myself in the art of storytelling, bringing characters to life with a professional and reliable approach."

He added, "With a keen eye for detail, I continuously learn from others, exploring the depths of philosophy to enhance my craft. I’m fueling my passion for cinema by the dedication to do good for others through the power of storytelling.”

What about The Truffaut Affair attracted Destin?

"The prospect of playing François Truffaut in an upcoming Nouvelle Vague tradition feature film in English," he said. "The chance to explore the mind of a brilliant filmmaker and embody the charisma of a legendary figure in cinema history … combines intellectual stimulation, artistic fulfillment, and the opportunity to captivate audiences with an iconic character.”

Born in Orleans, France, Destin knew from a very early age he wanted to work in the fine arts, he says, much to the confusion of his engineering-oriented parents.

According to his IMDb profile, Destin’s mother Annie—at the time an employee at IBM—caved to her son’s relentless pleading for acting classes when he was just 11.

The classes would pay off as he would eventually enjoy appearances in short films and music videos throughout his younger years.

When Jordan turned 16, his father Max, an electrical engineer, reluctantly gave his youngest child the blessing to move to New York.

Destin made his career debut as a print model for the fashion designer Dolita.

Though, his move coincided with the Great Recession, prompting him to tour the world instead.

He eventually settled long enough to obtain a sales and business degree in Australia and, after a short real-estate stint in Las Vegas, he turned his attention to California and dedicated himself to his lifelong passion of acting.

Destin joined Susan Rumor at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio, Groundling Improv and is a SAG member.

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