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Lance B. Witmer

Lance believes a story can change the world. That’s why filmmaking is his greatest passion and the driving reason behind starting his film company Valor Films. It all began in the fifth grade at twelve years old when he read The Hobbit and decided he wanted to tell stories like that. After writing and illustrating thousands of pages, Lance realized what he really wanted to do was show people stories. So, he grabbed his father’s Sony camcorder and requested every middle school and high school project to allow a video version of the assignment. With no professional training, but a limitless passion and a knack for coercing friends and family, Lance made eleven backyard videos of varying length and scope. Answering his filmmaker’s calling, Lance moved from Lancaster, Penn., to Los Angeles, where he completed his BFA in Cinema, and has been writing and directing since 2017. A freelance Director/Producer in Los Angeles since 2017, Lance’s credits include the award-winning short film Halfdanr, which he wrote, directed, and co-produced; Frelse, a recently completed short film now in the festival circuit. He also produced the hit branded content Actor vs CGI for SoKrispyMedia YouTube channel, and he has also worked on projects affiliated with major youtubers such as Mr. Beast and Zach King, and has produced for Aaron's Animals YouTube channel since 2021, accumulating hundreds of millions of views.

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